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Security Services

  Priebe Security Services management has extensive experience in successfully designing and implementing security programs. We have worked with many customers in developing strategies, strengthening internal procedures, and achieving new levels of performance.

Security Officers

The most important resource for a service company is its employees. The success of a contract security company is largely dependent on the caliber of officers the company employs and the longevity of their service. We believe that in order to attract and retain good people, they have to be paid well (above market wage), properly trained and supported, treated with respect and recognized for their efforts. Our security officers are our most valuable assets. Our officers are what drive customer satisfaction and service quality. We are dedicated to providing our employees with quality work environment and opportunities for growth. We believe that assisting our security officers in achieving their personal goals will enable us to achieve service excellence for our clients.

After-Hours Supervision

It is not uncommon in the security industry that an officer, once assigned to a client site, never has any additional contact with the security company’s management or local branch staff until a problem occurs. We believe in communicating with our employees on regular basis not only to show them support and to make sure that they have all the tools needed to do their job but also to make sure that each officer truly understands his/her job duties.

A Priebe Security supervisor is scheduled during evening/night hours, when customers and branch staff are no longer around, to visit each client site and make a security post inspection. The supervisor evaluates an officer’s appearance, his/her activity reports, the cleanliness of their post, as well as their knowledge of the site’s requirements and procedures. Each visit is documented in a written report that is available for the customer’s review.