My experience with Priebe Security has been life changing. I came into the company seven (7) years ago as a Part Time Flex Officer and was given opportunities to learn and grow; and with this experience I recently became a Site Manager. I have felt completely supported by Priebe Security Management in this journey. Not only have I had the occasion to learn and grow, I was also invited to contribute to a portion of the process of the company in a meaningful way. I’ve enjoyed the company’s integrity and the thoughtful approach to building relationships not only with clients, but with employees as well, on an individual basis.

- Kathleen H.

I have been with Priebe Security for 6 years. I love the fact that I have good insurance, paid time off, and I am able to switch out my work uniforms at no cost. We are essential workers and Priebe Security is a well-respected company. We all need to work, it is the way of life, and if you need to work and or are looking for possible promotions, I would say give Priebe Security a try.

- Dashawn J.

I’ve been with Priebe Security for 1 year. I really like the company, because they return your phone calls and I don’t feel like just a number. I can really say everyone in the corporate office and the Field Service Managers has always been good to me, on my good or bad days, that I may have. I enjoy working at my site we all are like a family and we get the job done. I really like the client she treats us well. I would recommend Priebe to good quality workers because it’s a great quality company.

- April M.

I absolutely love working with Priebe. I work in the downtown Austin area. The people I work with have become like a family and they know the meaning of pulling together as a team. The building managers and tenants are great and I thoroughly enjoy going to work each and every day for all the reasons listed here.

- Shawna R.

I like the inner office structure that stays consistent in supplying the needs of their employees as well as the overall ethics of the company. They have also offered a lot more than any other security company in wages and opportunity.

- Seth Z.

The sense of belonging to a great and diverse team of security professionals. At Priebe Security, Security Officers feel like more than just another number and we feel appreciated. We are all united towards a single goal; to provide the highest quality service of security and exceed each of our clients’ individual expectations.

- Victor C.

Priebe Security is a very good company. The CEO of the company actually takes time to speak with us. I work with good people and the chain of concern is always available. When I was working with a different security company, I always heard good things about Priebe Security.

- Todd B.